About Us

Zaid Mustapha Motor Accessories (ZMMA) is a retail, service and wholesale distribution company that specializes in automotive and commercial vehicle spare parts, maintenance products and accessories in the island of Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the English speaking Caribbean. 



Company History

ZMMA was formed in 1955 as a small automotive spare parts retailer owned and operated by Zaid Mustapha. The company is located in Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago. Over the next twenty years, ZMMA grew through expanding their product lines to include automotive accessories, lubricants and tools. After achieving substantial product variety, Zaid decided to expand into automotive related services such as machine shop work, brake shoe re-lining, exhaust alterations and metal chroming facilities. In the early 1980’s, these various services were split up into separate entities and managed independently under the banner of the Mustapha group of companies. When the Mustapha Group was formed, ZMMA fell under the ownership of Ahamad Mustapha who still currently serves as managing director.


ZMMA has also developed a strong and close reslionship with it's community mainly through charitable work and thier auto racing heratage dating back to the mid sixties (60's) with precsence in rally, circuit and drag events.

Our mission

To provide customers with affordable, high quality, automotive based preventative and post maintenance solutions throughout the Caribbean.


Our vision

To be the major distributor of automotive maintenance products throughout the Caribbean.