Auxillary services


Apart from providing quality passenger and commercial vehicle spares, ZMMA ltd. also provides services in conjunction with other members of the Mustapha group of companies

Brake and Clutch Re-lining


Trinidad Brakes and Clutch Limited (TBCL)

are able to re-line your brakes pads, brakes shoes and clutch disks from top quality linings to match your specifications


 Machining services


At Mustapha's Engenering works Limited (MEWL), they are able to provide such services as:

  • Pressure and crack test cylinder heads

  • Boring

  • Line-honeing (horizontal)

  • Honeing and reaming

  • Pressing of Pistons and bushings

  • Checking of connecting rods for straightness and stress cracks

  • Balancing of piston and rods

  • Engine block squaring, decking and installation of performance liner kits

  • custom fabrications


Other Services


ZMMA is also able to provide the following services:



  • Sourcing and procurment of automotive equipment and supplies


  • Special order spare parts


  • Automotive fleet managment & maintainence