Injector Cleaning Services


For the past 23 years Zaid Mustapha Motor Accessories Limited has provided Diesel and Gasoline injector cleaning services. Our injector cleaning services require no appointment and come with a FREE initial diagnosis before the service so you dont clean your Fuel system if you dont have to! Both of our injector cleaning services are on board services, meaning that no injectors are taken off your vehicle in order to perform the service. Off site cleaning services are also available by appointment. Come in today and bring your vehicle back to life



Do my injectors need cleaning?


There are a few tell tale signs that your vehicle requires an injector/ fuel system cleaning service in both gasoline or diesel vehicles:


  • Rough Idling                                                

  • Hesitation

  • Loss of Power


If you have at least two (2) of these symptoms you vehicle more than likely requires a injector / fuel system cleaning service, whe you come in, our technicians will make certain that it does before we commence the service. 


Gasoline Injector Service


Our gasoline injector cleaning service in fact cleans your entire fuel system from fuel tank to exhaust! the cleaning system is a QMI product, which is broken down into three (3) sepparate processes:



Step 1 Volumetric Efficiency  Restorer  (V.M.E.R)


To start the cleaning service, weadd  QMI VMER to your tank, a deposit control formula that quickly removes deposits throughout the fuel system, from the fuel tank to the exhaust. Powerful fuel system cleaning detergents and dispersants safely remove deposits in fuel tanks, lines, Intake valves as well as the cumbustion chambers. QMI V.M.E.R. provides long-term cleaning during complete fuel tank usage, where you clean as you drive even after the service is completed. 

Step 2 Throttle Body Cleaner


Next, we Clean the throttle body and throttle plate using QMI Throttle body cleaner; A specially formulated triple-action cleaner for fast, effective removal of varnish, carbon, dirt and other contaminants. It also lubricates the throttle plate and all moving parts, and provides double protection with a corrosion inhibitor and lubricity agent in conjunction with lubricating oil to prevent scoring and deposit build-up on close tolerance components. QMI throttle body cleaner is safe for sensitive materials and components even for idle control valves and oxygen sensors!


Step 3 Induction Cleaner


The final and most important stage is the application of the QMI Induction cleaner; A two-stage intake deposit cleaner which quickly dissolves gum and varnish deposits from the intake manifold and runners, valves, pistons and combustion chambers. A Residual cleaner continues to soften hard carbon deposits for more thorough, long lasting cleaning.This product also lubricates while cleaning in order to help reduce build-up in the catalytic converter and reduce exhaust emissions.This formula is safe for the vehicle, environment and technicians!


Overall, This system allows for a complete fuel system de-carbonization, from tank to exhaust in juist twenty (20) minutes! Carbons are broken down to a state where they can be safley combustied and not " settle" somehwere in your system.

Diesel Injector Cleaning Service


Our Diesel Injector cleaning service utilizes QMI's Diesel Fuel System cleaner and RTI's Diesel Cleaning machine ( see RTI catalogue ) DCS-1as its delivery mechanism.  Our service essentailly taps into the fuel delivery system to circulate the cleaning solution throughout the fuel system, from fuel pump to the cobustion area and back. Minor carbon depoists are safley discharged through combustion, however larger deposits are collected in the fuel filter, thus requiring a fuel filter change to complete the service. the enitre service take forty five (45) minutes on cars, pickups and some SUV's, however some SUV's and large commerical trucks may take between one (!) to (2) hours depending on the location of fuel lines and fuel pump. 


QMI's premium, high tech formula is designed to dissolves gums, varnishes and carbon deposits and other contaminants. This formula cleans fuel injectors to restore and maintain spray patterns, cleans intake valves and combustion chambers.  QMI contains no alcohol and thus lubricates while conditioning to reduce future deposits from adhering to surfaces. Reduces pinging and harmful emissions. To conclude the service we add a generous dose of QMI Fuel treatment to the tank for long term cleaning for the duration of the tank.



For more information or to schedulle an off-site appointment for our injector cleaning services, give us a call and speak to one of our experienced technicians




  • High Fuel Consumption

  • Smoking

  • Pinging