Mustapha Group of Companies



ZMMA Ltd. started as a s small family owned automotive spare parts retailer over fifty years ago. Today ZMMA ltd. is part of a group of companies who are involved in multiple sectors both automotive and non-automotive related. The following are some short descriptions and contact information for members of the Mustapha group of companies.

Chrome Furnishers Limited


Chrome Furnishers Limited (CFL) specializes in the manufacture and electroplating chrome. They currently produce for the following markets


  • residential and commercial furniture- chrome and glass furniture,padded chairs and stools, tables, dinning sets, and space savers


  • Custom chrome decorative elements- steel pans, pan stands, metal auto parts, accessories, decorative fixtures & fittings, etc.


  • Industral"hard"chroming-new/repair jobs to plate tools and dies, hydraulic mechanisms, etc.


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Chrome Furnishers Limited

Farouk Ave.,El Socorro Rd

San Juan, Trinidad W.I.

Tel: 1.868.638.2533/2578






Kamus Muffler Works Limited


Kamus is  a pioneer in the local muffler manufacturing industry for over thirty (30)years. They produce a wide of exhaust products and components for use in passenger and commecial vehciles, heavy industry equipment and offshore/ marine applications.


Kamus is also the autourized distributor for:


  • BOSCH: Automotive and specialty batteries, battery diagnostic and charging equipment.


  • Bridgestone & Firestone tyres: For passenger,van, SUV, Light and Heavy truck tyres. Kamus also supplies Hercules tyres


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Kamus Muffler Works Ltd.

I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Biljah Road, Chaguanas

Trinidad W.I.

Tel: 1.868.671.7308/7315/7321



Trinidad Brakes and Clutch Limited


TBCL speacializes in distribution of Braking components throughout Trinidad & Tobago. they are the distributors for brands such as:


  • OHK


  • DON


  • HI-Q


  •  and many other brands


TBCL also specializes in the re-lining of clutches and brake shoes and pads with high quality linings to suit your specifications. TBCL stocks components for automotive, industrial and marine applications.


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Trinidad Brakes and Clutch Ltd.

#8 Fifth Street,Barataria

Trinidad W.I.

Tel: 1.868.674.1016





Therml Impac Affordable Homes Company Limited


TIAHCO specializes in building residential, commercial and industrial buildings which are more energy efficient, engineered for dependability, and most importantly, will not 'break the bank. TIAHCO also offers a myriad of services and consultancies related to land development and construction. These include but are not limited to:


  • Architectural design of buildings

  • Civil Works

  • Construction: all aspects

  • Engineering design

  • Equipment rental and transport

  • Infrastructural Design

  • Plans and Drawings

  • Sale of Land

  • Polystyrene moldings, blocks and sheets

  • concrete floor slabs

  • Ceilings

  • Building Kits

  • Panels

  • Technical and Engineering Services

  • Turnkey plants

  • Accessories





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Therml Impac Affordable Homes Company Ltd.

Lots 23-24 I.D.C. Industrial Estate,Biljah Rd,Chaguanas,


Tel: 1.868.665.4883 | 1.868.672.7448 | 1.868.671.7317

Fax: 1.868.665.6287



Mustapha's Engineering Works Limited


Mustapha’s Engineering Works Limited prides itself on their 56 years of experience in the automotive and industrial machine shop industry. We are the country’s leading engineering service company which specializes in:


  • Specialized Welding

  • Metal Spraying (Metal Finishing)

  • On-Site Machining

  • Turbine, Compressor and pump Repairs

  • Automotive Repairs and Modifications

  • Bearing Casting using babbit

  • Reverse engineering

  • Turning, milling and grinding

  • Component manufacturing

  • Metal Stitching (Metalock)

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Structural Analysis

  • Eco-Friendly, Dustless Sandblasting

  • Computer Aided Design & modeling

  • Project planning & Evaluation

  • Electrical & Mechanical Troubleshooting

  • Design Analysis

  • Thermal Stress Relieving


Occupying a 85,000 sq. ft facility, Mustapha’s Engineering Works Limited boasts of an unparallel reputation for prompt job completion, meeting exact customer specifications.


For more info.

Mustapha’s Engineering Works Ltd.
I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Biljah Road, Chaguanas.

Tel : 1.868.671.2089 /2313/2382/2409
Fax : 1.868.671.2539