About QMI



QMI, founded in 1986, manufactures automotive preventive maintenance products at thier ISO certified headquarters based in Lakeland, Florida. 


Today's maintenance engineers must meet the needs of increasingly precise, close tolerance, high load equipment. QMI protects metal-to-metal friction surfaces with sub-micron PTFE treatment, like "wet ice on wet ice," a substitute wear surface that reduces friction and heat while increasing efficiency, prolonging equipment life and trouble-free operation. The PTFE treatment is chemically inert and safe for all applications, providing long-term protection against corrosive attack and reducing wear as much as 30 to 90%. Years of product development produced SX-6000, a metal preparation, blending, suspension and bonding formula exclusive to QMI, with specialized PTFE especially chosen for higher tensile strength and greater fracture resistance, containing no chlorine or other potentially harmful components.


QMI meets ever-increasing industrial maintenance challenges with a full line of PTFE treatment and related products designed to protect your expensive equipment investments. Our worldwide exposure in more than 100 countries proves QMI's leadership everyday with safe, effective maintenance protection, providing an ever-growing product line frequently expanded "on demand" to address specific industrial maintenance problems.


To the serious car lover, perfection is more than a lofty ideal - Its a reachable goal.QMI is proud to offer our line of high-quality treatments, sealants and greases. We understand that when your labour of love is complete, you'll do your best to protect your investment. And if protection is what you want



Why PTFE resins?


PTFE resins (polytetrafluoroethylene) are listed in The Guiness Book of World Records as the slickest substance known, "equivalent to wet ice on wet ice", and have long been recognized as having great potential as a dry film lubricant. However, the cost and complexity of "thermal bonding" applications had greatly limited PTFE resin use in the past.



How do PTFE Treatments Work


Your QMI Treatment combines sub-micron PTFE with the best in blending oils and specialized agents. The Treatment is simply added to crankcase oil at oil change, or added to present gear box oil, 1 part Treatment to 4 parts normal lubricant. Then during operation the lubrication system carries QMI Treatment throughout, first cleaning critical surfaces. Tiny PTFE particles are drawn out of the oil by polarization and deposited into microscopic pores in the metal. As the engine and gear components warm to operating temperature, PTFE expands rapidly. This expansion and highly specialized agents fuse PTFE into metal anywhere the potential for metal-to metal friction exists, allowing parts to glide over each other on an anti-friction PTFE barrier, like "wet ice on wet ice" (slickest substance known) Engine Treatment with PTFE.