Tune Up Services

Keeping your pride and joy in tip top shape will not only ensure you get from point A to B safley, but keep your investment on the road as long as possible. ZMMA now offers a full range of tune up services to keep your car running right!


All service requests come with a free preliminary inspection and no appointments are required.

Engine Service
Drivetrain Service


Fuel System

Engine Oil Change 

Air Filter Change

Spark Plug Change

Plug Wire Change

Coil Pack Change



Transmission Oil Change

Gearbox Oil Change

Differential Oil Change

Gasoline Injector Service

Diesel Injector Service

Diesel Injector Service (Double Pump)

Primer Pump Install

Fuel Filter Change

Add.  Fuel Filter Install 

Throttle Body Service

Other Services


Radiator Fluid Exchange

Disc Pad Change

Brake Shoe Change

Rotor Disc Change

Rotor Disc Machining

Belt Change


Our FREE inspection covers the following

Brake Fluid Level

Transission Fluid Level / Quality

Engine Oil Level / Quality

Power Sterring Fluid Level

Coolant Level

Battery Water Level

Exterior Lights

Wiper Blades

Washer fluid

Air Filter Check

Engine Mounts

Front Suspension

Belt Inegrity